Dan and Lucas go head to head

Libby can’t believe that Dan’s ego is so badly damaged by her relationship with Lucas that he’s prepared to restage the bike race that almost killed his brother. Both Dan and Lucas maintain it’s the only way to put their competitiveness behind them. Elle is convinced that Lucas is still fighting to win Libby back. With both women worried their men will end up killing themselves, Libby and Elle plan to steal their motorcycles.

On their first day of pre-season AFL training, Declan and Ringo focus all their attention on football to the detriment of their relationships and Ringo’s health. They find the club and the footy culture surprisingly welcoming but the physical training gruelling. As the cracks in Ringo’s health start to show, the boys are informed they’re competing for the same position.

Zeke confronts Rachel about the birth control pills he found in the bin. When Donna intervenes, Rachel realises they belong to her and questions Donna about her motivation for not taking the whole packet. Donna admits she has been an idiot and says she’ll take a pregnancy test, as long as Bridget and Rachel take a test with her as moral support. Three of them take a test, and one comes back positive.

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