Feeling lonely without Toadie, Steph tries to distract herself by signing up to Dan’s SES training program. Alone in the bush, Steph and Dan’s headstrong personalities result in a fight that gets personal and puts their lives in danger.

Libby and Dan’s strong physical attraction threatens their truce, and they struggle to stay just friends while Dan’s wife Samantha is around. Although Sam is reluctantly prepared to divorce Dan, she refuses to give up on their future. Later, when Sam and Libby are thrown together in the law offices they are forced to confront the fact they both have feelings for the same man.

When Lou temporarily moves into the Parker House, Ned notices Steve is indulging his every whim. Curious Ned digs under the surface of the relationship and starts suspecting it has something to do with their father.

In the aftermath of the underage dance party, Frazer, Rebecca and Susan conspire to discipline Ringo and Declan, which results in Susan making them both study, much to their considerable annoyance.

Also, Steph hires Ty to work at the bar.

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