Dan comes clean to Leah

Dan lies to Leah about his mysterious meeting, but drops a Sands receipt which is later found by Leah. While she frets, Dan meets up with the woman again, and tells her he’s come to a decision – but he hasn’t told his wife yet.

Later, when Dan returns to the Diner, Leah is on the phone telling her mum that he’s having an affair. She’s furious when he introduces her to the mysterious woman – Gwen Stacy. But Leah calms down once Dan explains that Gwen runs a camp for problem kids in the US. She’s offered him a job, and he wants to take it.

After Belle hears that Drew has a surprise for her after her last exam, Annie reveals she overheard Drew talking on the phone about getting rings for Belle. Belle is nervous that Drew is going to propose, so is relieved when Drew turns up with a car he’s bought for her. On a whim, Drew and Belle drive off on a spontaneous road trip.

With Jack still in a coma, Martha worries that with their divorce still to be finalised, Sam may have to postpone the wedding. Later, as she takes over Sam’s vigil by Jack’s bedside, Jack wakes up.

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