Still trapped down the mineshaft, Steph gives Dan food for thought when she warns him not to delay making decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Although conflicted about his feelings for Libby and Sam, Dan realises he needs to make a choice between them.

After their rescue, Dan puts his friends before himself and sets off to find Steve and Ned. Trapped in the mineshaft with an unconscious Ned, Steve struggles with his claustrophobia. When Ned comes round, Steve makes a few comments about their father which he regrets. As Ned’s condition gets worse, Steve finds himself alone and is relieved when Dan rescues them.

Later, when he gets the chance to talk to Libby about their future, he ends up collapsing into her arms as a result of his injuries. And Miranda tries to convince Steve that when Ned recovers, he will need to learn the whole truth about their father.

Carmella and Marco attempt to make a new start as they move into Number 24. Meanwhile, Frazer discovers that he and Marco make a great team and proposes they open a restaurant together.

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