Dan doesn’t convince Libby

As Dan confirms Libby’s suspicions about why he hasn’t been able to fully commit to their relationship, Lucas waits for his opening to make a move on Libby. Dan decides to act decisively and put his hang-ups behind him, but Libby takes his newfound attitude as further proof that he sees her as merely a trophy to fight over with Lucas. He is upset when she rejects him.

Donna continues to pretend everything is OK with her family and covers up the fact that her father has abandoned her in the face of trouble. Elle and Rebecca try to offer Donna their support, but angry and upset, Donna just lashes out.

Rachel is frantic at having lost the ring which Angus gave her. Bridget joins in the search for it, and the two get closer as they discuss their respective love lives while dismantling a cake, fearing the ring was baked inside. Later, Ty finds the ring, and sees it’s damaged beyond repair. How will Rachel react?

Also, Paul is despondent when Rebecca turns down his offer of a weekend away.

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