Paul is bundled into the bookies by Dan after work, who reminds him that the deadline for paying him has now passed. Paul insists that all he has is the clothes on his back and Dan triumphantly says that in that case, he’ll take his clothes! Paul is forced to walk home wearing only his underpants, after being forced to agree to pay the debt. Jack is concerned when he sees Paul and wonders what’s going on. David is delighted that he and Tina are back on track, but Tina admits to Gail that she feels bad about lying to David. Gail assures Tina that she’s doing the right thing and insists that it’s better he doesn’t know. Gail tells a shocked Tina that David attempted suicide the previous year and has a fragile state of mind. Ryan is caught out skiving and he eventually confesses to Liam that he is upset that Michelle seems to have chosen Alex over him. Liam has a word with Steve and they decide to try to make Michelle see sense. Steve tells Michelle that she’s causing everyone heartache and she reluctantly agrees to call Wendy. Also, Chesney is in trouble for frequently being late for school; Roy is back from Africa. *Second episode, 8.30pm* Paul is forced to confess to Jack that Dan is after him for money and he feels guilty when a worried Jack offers him a wad of notes to pay off his debt. Later, Paul explodes with jealousy when Dan flirts with Leanne and she is shocked by his reaction. Will he confess to Leanne that he has fallen for her? Wendy turns up at the pub and Michelle is forced to tell Alex that it’s time for him to go home. Alex is devastated and calls her a liar for promising not to kick him out. Ryan hears the news that Alex has finally gone and he is delighted and moves all his things back home. Michelle is pleased to have Ryan home again, but it’s clear that it’s not going to be all happy families. Kirk is still out of work, but the house is becoming more and more squalid and they have an infestation of mice. The washing machine breaks down and Chesney is forced to go to the laundrette on his own to wash his school things. Claire offers to wash them for him, but she’s seriously worried that he’s being neglected. Also, Gail is relieved when Tina agrees to keep her pregnancy a secret.