Dan confronts Sam wanting to know the truth – is the baby his or not? However, in his quest to be a father he doesn’t realise how much he is hurting Libby. She can’t give him what he wants and it makes Libby feel useless. Steph reassures her, she’s strong and patient and shouldn’t feel that way at all.

Karl and Rachel find out about Susan’s independent search for Zeke and call her a hypocrite. If they found out that Zeke was alive they would have told her straight away and neither of them can see that she was just trying to protect her family from further pain. Susan is devastated by Karl’s anger but Harold comes to the rescue, giving Karl a different perspective… life’s too short to bare grudges.

Cass is out for revenge after being stood up by Paul. He’s giving her the run around and she’s feeling like she’s losing the battle to snare Mr Robinson. When she sees Lucas, she tries to form an alliance. She wants them to pretend to hook up so they can make Paul and Elle jealous. Lucas isn’t convinced and advises Cass of a better way to get what she wants: play hard to get. For rich guys like Paul, it’s all about the chase.

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