Libby takes her car to the garage for Lucas to fix, but isn’t too happy when Lucas picks up on her fears that Dan may not be happy about it. To her surprise, Dan tries to be cool, but continues to be haunted by her affair with Lucas. Later, Dan and Libby have an uncomfortable dinner with Libby’s family where Dan puts up with Karl’s digs at him over Sam and Lucas. But Karl’s comments end up inspiring Dan to get over his issues with Lucas and move on.

Convinced his daughter is making a huge mistake, Matt undermines Donna’s credibility, and tells everyone she has falsely confessed to causing Nicola’s accident. Bridget tries to support Donna but she rejects her help, convinced her dad is only acting out of love. Dona also ends up cruelly dumping Ringo, leaving him crushed. Later, Donna is stunned at seeing her dad physically threaten Ringo and is appalled. Donna finally finds the courage to tell the truth and asks Ringo to accompany her to the police station. But what will the consequences be for her dad?

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