Dan is offered a promotion

Dan’s attempts to prove his love for Libby only serve to push her further away, and she skips school to spend the afternoon with Lucas. The pair bond further when Libby confides in Lucas her fear of motorbikes after her accident on Steph’s bike.

When Helen Carr announces she’s leaving Erinsborough High and suggests Dan take on the job of acting head, Dan isn’t sure that his feelings for Libby won’t get in the way. Toadie tries to get to the bottom of Dan’s torment and hears a very different story to the one Lucas tells Libby. As Dan talks about Lucas, Toadie is shocked to discover that Lucas is Dan’s brother.

Rachel puts on a brave face with Angus, despite missing her family. As her school work starts to suffer, Angus battles his own demons, finding it difficult to get a job. Unable to be there for Rachel when she needs him, the couple have a row. Later, Angus is left humiliated, when his credit card is rejected from the General Store, but he is saved by Paul. Angus is given food for thought when Paul offers him a substantial amount of cash to tell the local newspaper his side of the story.

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