Dan is viciously attacked! (VIDEO)

Ali makes a major mistake when she tells Megan how Declan set up Rachel. Loyal to her brother to the last, Megan swallows her doubt and defends her brother. Frustrated that her efforts to do something to save her sister have got her nowhere, Ali decides she’s going to inform Jai. In the meantime, Megan has got on the phone to Declan. The next thing Dan knows, he’s pounced on by two thugs, who viciously beat him to a pulp.

Pollard realises he’s on to something when Val overreacts to him feeling poorly. Chuffed to have finally got some attention from his frosty wife – unaware she’s secretly worried he’s contracted HIV thanks to a fling she had behind his back when she was in Portugal – he plans to milk it!

Love is in the air for Adam, who’s thrilled when Katie admits she’s started to have feelings for him. Though they’ve been sleeping with each other for a while, the divorcee tells the farmer she wants to take things slowly