Dan lashes out!

When Dan abandons a patient to treat old rugby friend Sean (The Bill’s Sam Callis), Malick is unimpressed. Dan’s secretly been giving Sean steroid injections for a knee injury, but now he needs keyhole surgery.

When Sean collapses after the op, Malick suspects an infection and Dan agrees to more tests, which prove Malick right. Malick’s livid when he finds out about the steroids. When Sean’s condition worsens, Dan and Malick perform emergency surgery.

Dan is wound up over the trouble he’s caused – Sean will now walk with a limp. When Malick suggests Dan is indeed to blame for his friend’s situation, Dan punches Malick, as weeks of tension reach a dramatic climax…

Meanwhile, Hanssen sets out to reignite the magic that he and Sahira once shared when she was his trainee. He attempts to get her into a crossover operation with him despite her fears that she might not be ready.

Also, Frieda tries to keep her emotions in check when she receives a call from her family with bad news.