Dan makes a huge sacrifice for Amelia

As Ali and Ruby pack up the house ahead of their move to Liverpool to be nearer hospitalised Sean, Dan isn’t the only one whose heart is breaking. Amelia is devastated and after insisting she won’t be leaving her dad behind, the little girl goes missing! Dan later finds his devoted daughter and comes to a conclusion. But Kerry’s not going to be happy when she hears he’s decided to leave town, too.

Sporting a shiner having been walloped by Laurel, Marlon is trying to think positively. He’s thrilled his wife has agreed to see a doctor but it’s clear Laurel is still in denial about her drink problem when she baulks when rehab is mentioned. As Paddy and Rhona decide to keep Leo away from Tall Trees, they’re horrified to hear Laurel’s attacked Marlon. As the caring chef tells Laurel how proud he is that she’s getting help, he has no idea his wife is lying to him again…