Against Steph’s better judgement, Toadie calls a meeting between everyone who knows about Steph and Lucas’s connection and asks them to keep it under wraps. He hopes the matter never comes to court, but if it does, he’d like everyone to lie about the situation. When Dan hears that the Parker car may have been deliberately tampered with, he checks the CCTV. He hopes the footage will prove that Steph is innocent, but what he actually finds is that his brother may be involved.

After witnessing first hand the damage that Declan’s lawsuit against Steph is causing, Paul decides to revoke his funding of the case. Despite this, Declan remains determined to proceed. Rejected by the bank for a loan, he sinks to his lowest point, seriously considering selling Bridget’s engagement ring, an heirloom passed down from Rebecca’s mother. When he can’t go through with it his hopes seem dashed – until Tim Collins changes his mind.

Dan notices that Harry Ramsay is still having trouble fitting into the street. In an attempt to reach out to him, Dan offers Harry the Ramsay Street Book and invites him to make a collage. Although he’s reluctant at first, Harry bonds with the community in his own private way – through his photography.

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