Letting off some steam before his night shift, Dan plays hockey in the basement with new agency nurse Stephen and almost misses Chrissie, who wants him to look through brochures for their next summer holiday.

Stephen suspects Dan’s in the doghouse over the hockey, but Dan says Chrissie doesn’t own him and Stephen admits he’s single. Later, as Stephen observes Dan in theatre, he notices he’s picked up an injury playing hockey and gives him acupuncture.

Later, Stephen eases Dan’s pain with a massage but, when he moves in closer, Dan freaks out and insists he’s not gay. Dan realises he wants to commit to Chrissie and, the next morning, he proposes. Will Chrissie say yes?

Meanwhile, Sahira becomes overly tired and emotional on the night shift, so Greg gallantly offers to cover for her while she takes a nap. However, Greg soon realises the consequences of his actions when Hanssen finds out.

And Eddi decides that tough love is the best way to deal with a spoilt young patient, but soon realises she needs to change tactics.