Dan quits Holby!

Dan Hamilton and Simon Marshall are all loved up – then Simon gets some shock news that forces Dan to make a big decision about their relationship. Consultant Dan and nurse Simon prove they make a good team as they work together to treat athlete Jesse, who’s brought onto Keller ward with neck injuries following a car accident.

But the dream team is under threat when Simon gets a phone call – he’s been offered a job in Leeds and today’s his last shift as an agency nurse at Holby. Dan tries to hide his disappointment but later annoys Simon by urging him not to take the job.

When it turns out that Jesse has a broken neck, Dan agrees to perform a risky neurosurgical procedure, and Simon’s encouraging. But when Dan tries again to convince him not to go to Leeds, fearing he’ll meet someone else, an offended Simon storms out.

In theatre, Dan loses his confidence until Simon appears to offer support. Later, Dan emerges from theatre to learn Simon’s already left, and realises he can’t let him go. Simon briefly returns to Holby, where Dan tells his lover he’s committed to Leeds – and to him.

Also, Chrissie realises how lucky she is to have Sacha in her life. As they spend all day wondering what to call their ‘relationship’, Chrissie shocks Sacha with the suggestion that he could call her his ‘wife’.

And Tara returns to work following her suspension, eager as ever to prove herself. But is she up to the job?