Dan returns from New Zealand to find that Lucas has picked him up, and walks in to their home to a very frosty reception. Dan soon realises that Libby knows about the $12,000 he gave to Sam – the money that was meant to be for their deposit on the house and an argument breaks out. How could he?

Lucas can’t believe he handed over that much money to Sam, and calls him on it. Finally Dan gets it, and apologises to Libby, and he promises to break off all contact with Sam. However, Sam’s not prepared to be ignored, and Dan finds it hard to turn his back on her and in the ensuing argument with Libby, Ben overhears something Dan and Libby wish he hadn’t.

Rebecca is furious at Paul when she finds out he forced Donna out, and tells Donna to come home. Paul doesn’t want her there according to Ringo, he’s tried to kick her out before! Rebecca finds out about Paul’s threats to kick her out if Donna dobbed on him for stealing one of Elle’s stories for the West Waratah Star. She gives Paul an ultimatum, 24 hours to get her back, or there’ll be trouble. Finally, after his attempt to bribe Ringo backfires, he discovers that simple honesty works better than any sort of manipulation.

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