Dan returns from his conference in Miami this week, but while he’s pleased to be back with Chrissie, he’s afraid Greg will confront him over the kiss he saw between Dan and agency nurse Stephen.

Chrissie doesn’t help matters when she assumes Dan’s chosen Greg to be his best man at their wedding. And she’s shocked when Dan says he wants another friend, Nigel, to be best man instead.

Chrissie grows more confused when she answers Dan’s phone – it’s Nigel, who knows nothing about being best man. Chrissie confronts Dan about his lie – why is he being so cagey?

Then, when a drunk patient, Olivia, suggests to Chrissie that Dan’s a shifty character who shouldn’t be trusted, Chrissie doubts the man she’s about to marry.

At the end of the day, Dan and Chrissie face the biggest challenge in their relationship when he finally admits that he has feelings towards men. How will Chrissie cope with the news?