Daniel admits a shocking truth

Daniel’s forced to admit that Denise walked out on him when he was just 15.

Tracy and Peter wonder why Daniel lied about living with his mum, while Ken admits to Mary how wonderful it’s been reconnecting with Daniel. He arrives back and under interrogation, he’s forced to admit that Denise walked out when he was 15 and he hasn’t seen her since. But does everyone believe him?

Brian reveals he got his promotion at the council and asks Norris if he can lodge at No.3. Norris points out that Sean has Emily’s room so Brian forms a plan, which leaves Sean seeing red.

Zeedan turns 21, but the day is tainted by Sharif and Alya’s betrayals. Alya’s sad at being excluded from Zeedan’s celebrations.

Gail makes a touching gesture to Eileen as the women face another tough day thanks to Phelan.