Ste is chuffed when he learns that Amy is planning to attend his naming ceremony. Daniel and Abi help Ste get things ready and Ste asks Daniel to be Lucas’s ‘guide parent’. Ste lays on a good spread but he annoys Mike when he asks Abi to be Lucas’s other guide parent instead of an immature Michaela. Ste waits anxiously for Amy’s arrival and is disappointed when Josh arrives without her.

Russ and Jacqui wake up on the sofa slumped over each other and wonder whether something happened between them but they realise that a drunk Jacqui crashed out next to Russ after her night out. Nancy accuses Russ of fancying Jacqui and Russ makes it clear there’s no way he’d go for a girl like her, not realising that Jacqui is listening in. Russ realises that he’s just ruined his chances of spending more time with Max when an insulted Jacqui packs her things and moves out.

Mercedes‘ fortune-telling tent isn’t doing much business but she manages to con Dom into paying for a session. Dom is hurt when Mercedes suggests that something horrible is going to happen to Loretta because of her job. Dom confronts Loretta about his worries but she is dismissive.

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