The atmosphere between Daniel and Cherry is still awkward after the dinner party debacle. However, when Heston goes to the dentist they are left as the sole medical practitioners at the Campus. After an incredibly busy morning they both end up taking a late lunch at a very busy Icon bar. They reluctantly agree to share the only remaining table and, when Karen tells them to take the rest of the afternoon off as Heston has returned from the dentist, they begin to unwind.

A couple of bottles of Merlot later, the frostiness between them has completely dissipated and they are both beginning to unburden about the problems in their respective relationships. Bonding over impressions of Jimmi and Zara the afternoon passes quickly and eventually they realise they need to return to the Campus to pick up their things.

Cherry makes them both a coffee to sober up, but when she finds Daniel crying in the consulting room, she’s affected by his vulnerability. Reaching to comfort him, their drunkenness overtakes them and they end up doing something they shouldn’t…

Also, Imogen’s attempts to impress go awry when she gets involved with a teenage boy.