Daniel and Heston struggle without Julia

Daniel finds Mrs Tembe looking at the name plate on Julia’s office. She asks him who’ll be her replacement, but Daniel can’t answer. Daniel tells Heston he’s making his way through the tasks Julia left them and Heston enthuses about some wonderful new payroll software he’s implementing. They are so pleased with their own success they ignore a letter marked urgent, as they focus on Heston trying to organise an advance on their wages.

Heston learns to his dismay that this new payroll system is going to delay the payment of all staff other than the partners. The gang’s horrified as news of the delay spreads and Kevin asks when Zara will be back to rectify the mistakes. When Heston confides in Mrs Tembe about just how much they need a new practice manager, an idea forms in her mind.

Mrs Tembe tries to get out of going to the scheduled self-defence class, but Elaine isn’t buying any of her excuses. Mrs Tembe is crestfallen when not only is Elaine much better at answering the instructor Darren’s questions, but she also finds herself repeatedly getting the moves wrong.

When Mrs Tembe goes to leave, Darren’s comments ignite a red mist and Mrs Tembe resolves to stay. As Darren targets her, Mrs Tembe is so good that even he congratulates her on her performance before hobbling out of the session humiliated and in pain. Mrs Tembe vows not to go to another class.

Also, Imogen finds herself in a curious predicament when a friend asks her to cover for them.