Daniel and Jimmi agree a truce

There’s still an icy atmosphere between Daniel and Jimmi but being forced together during a patient review enables a truce and the pair agree to go for a drink. Over a pint they discuss the pros and cons of their relationships and Jimmi realises how much he loves Cherry.

Elaine is feeling down and Heston takes her out to dinner in an attempt to cheer her up. They get on really well and Elaine opens up to him and tells him about her affair. Far from being shocked, Heston feels she may reciprocate his feelings for her, but suffers a blow when she reveals she thinks of him as a friend.

Karen is so confident that Rob will get the job she goes full steam ahead with plans for her conservatory annoying anyone who will listen. Rob is devastated to learn he hasn’t got the job and that it has been given to Raj instead, although he soon realises it was more to do with Raj filling a quota than being the best person for the job. When Rob gets home he has a venomous rant and a worried Karen can do nothing to comfort him.

On his way to the airport, Simon calls Cherry to say goodbye and she makes him promise to have the time of his life.

Elsewhere, Julia smells a rat when her old friend claims she is being haunted by her dead husband.

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