Daniel and Jimmi fall out!

Daniel leaves early for work without kissing Zara and Joe goodbye. Worried, she decides to invite Jimmi and Cherry round for dinner to cheer him up. Cherry won’t commit until she’s spoken to Jimmi, but when he says he wanted to go for a run that evening, Cherry vows they will go.

Daniel gets home and is horrified when Cherry and Jimmi arrive for dinner. As Daniel angrily asks Zara why she invited them, Cherry and Jimmi listen awkwardly in the living room until Zara comes in, catches Cherry giggling and launches into an attack on her.

Daniel takes his frustration out on Jimmi, saying that Jimmi’s running obsession is a flare-up of his OCD. When Cherry can’t answer Jimmi’s query about whether she thinks Daniel’s right, Jimmi leaves in silence. Zara cries as she clears the plates while Daniel has nothing to say.

Meanwhile, Jack announces he’s arranged an interview at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Jack’s convinced he has everything to offer them but, as interviewer Stuart starts to ask difficult questions, Jack begins to realise that he isn’t as appealing professionally as he thought.

Jack waits while Stuart interviews all the other candidates and then asks if he can have a quick word. He tells him that he knows he screwed the interview up but he’d love to work at CAB. Back at home, Jack receives a call from Stuart to invite him to volunteer.

Also, Howard helps an eccentric friend in his quest to save a day centre for ex-servicemen.