Daniel and Ruhma wind up Heston

When Ruhma takes a delivery of meat from a friend, she pops it the fridge and can’t resist winding Heston up, telling him it’s a placenta. Heston heaves and later tells Daniel. Spotting Ruhma, Daniel mischievously plays along and Heston can’t believe his ears. Ruhma finally puts him out of his misery – she can’t believe he fell for it!

Mrs Tembe attends a Woman’s Networking event when Penny rushes in and wonders if Mrs Tembe could lend her a tenner. Later, another attendee, Ronnie, tells Mrs Tembe that Penny is a con artist. But when a tearful Penny tells Mrs Tembe she’s being victimised, Mrs Tembe encourages her to stand up for herself and Penny agrees.

Niamh begrudgingly attends her first PPG meeting and has to deal with an overbearing Ashley who snubs her ideas. Niamh heads back to work and asks Ruhma how her first day went. When Ruhma says she had to shut down a strutting bloke, Niamh smiles – she pretty much had to do the same.