Daniel and Toni’s moves Strictly impress Anton!

Toni gets carried away with the preparations for the dance competition, making Daniel feel uncomfortable. As they dance, the pair impress the competition’s judge – Strictly star Anton du Beke – and they get two nines. Their excitement is quickly replaced by shock when the final dance couple appear and the female partner is Zara! She and her partner perform a sizzling hot tango. They get two tens – and win! Toni is downcast, but Zara’s performance has fired the flames of passion in Daniel and they kiss passionately.

Meanwhile, Karen helps a young woman, Farah, to pursue her dream of becoming a costume designer after keeping it a secret from her strict mother. She definitely has the talent and a huge fan in Gavin, the dance competition promoter. But when her mother accuses him of having an affair with her daughter, Gavin assures her that’s not the case – he’s gay.

When Oliver calls, Niamh answers reluctantly. He wants to go out tonight, and she tries to get out of it, but he seizes on the dance event and asks if he can come. At the venue, she tries to put him off but, when he kisses her on the lips, she kisses him back. However, her eyes show that she’s in two minds…