Daniel and Zara become official

After a fantastic weekend Daniel and Zara walk into the surgery announcing without words that they are a couple (again!). Mrs Tembe, Elaine, Cherry and Karen all comment at various times, that they’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Mrs Tembe unsettles Daniel when she warns about the effect on Izzie when they eventually break up – she gives them a month. Daniel is confronted by how loving Jimmi and Cherry’s relationship is but Zara won’t even pick up his dry cleaning.

When he gets home and Zara has already eaten without considering him, Daniel makes a comment about Jimmi never having to find his own dinner. Zara freaks out and Daniel storms out but can’t get back in as he has no key. Eventually, Zara lets him in but he is on the sofa.

Karen is excited that Rob has his interview for a CID position tomorrow. She tells Cherry this could finally mean she gets her conservatory. She tries to get Rob to work late into the night in preparation for this golden opportunity, however, none of her usual wifely wiles work; Rob refuses to prepare. He says they know him, and they’ll either want him or they won’t. End of.

Meanwhile, Heston’s ego puts The Mill’s reputation at risk when he does a favour for an old acquaintance.

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