Daniel and Zara decide to take Izzie with them while they do some last minute shopping before their holiday. After some pestering, they allow Izzie to go on the carousel, but during that time Daniel takes a phonecall and Zara nips off to buy a gift. When they both return, Izzie is nowhere to be seen.

Daniel is frantic when the police finally arrive. They ask him numerous procedural questions, which angers him ever more. Zara keeps her cool trying to comfort Daniel but she eventually calls Rob for help and also has to tell Lisa what has happened.

At Jimmi’s, he and Cherry are taking advantage of having the house to themselves and are preparing a bath together but Daniel and Zara’s arrival home spoils their romantic evening.

Meanwhile, a young boy called Christopher walks home from school and is shocked to find his mother, Susan, waiting at home with a little girl who she introduces as his sister, Daisy. The little girl is actually Izzie.

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