When Daniel asks Zara if they are in a relationship, Zara tries to laugh it off and Daniel says that maybe she’s just not girlfriend material. This riles Zara, who suggests doing something romantic, so Daniel takes her 10-pin bowling – an unwelcome new experience for Zara.

But when Daniel tricks her into using the children’s ramp, she berates him for being childish, accusing him of not wanting a relationship. Daniel loudly declares otherwise and, as they get their shoes back, Zara invites him back to her place.

There, Zara tells Daniel she’s faking a headache, but as he goes to leave she insists he stays, saying it’s what girlfriend and boyfriend do. As Daniel grumpily tries to sleep, Zara stifles a giggle.

As Heston and Immie set off for the airport, Jack unwittingly lets on to his dad. A furious Rob races to The Mill, but when Karen refuses to help him stop them, Rob races to the airport and pulls Heston’s car over.

Heston’s shocked to see Rob, who tells Immie that Heston can’t take her without her dad’s permission and drives her home. Immie is fuming with Rob and locks herself in her room where she breaks down in tears.

Also, Simon is faced with an undertaker who keeps collapsing, and comes up with the perfect remedy after an encounter with a pug dog called Eric.

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