An over-excited Daniel books Zara in for a midwife appointment, a parent craft seminar and the first scan of their baby. Zara’s reluctant due to the early stage of her pregnancy, but is amused when they meet insufferable midwife Peggy who argues with Daniel over the pros and cons of home versus hospital births!

They’re horrified to meet Peggy again at the seminar but find themselves enjoying it until Daniel has another row with her over pain relief options. He’s had enough but there’s no way he’s missing the scan. The day’s troubles are soon forgotten as they gaze, delighted, at the tiny dot on the screen.

Imogen’s delight at being asked to deal with some of the more complicated reception duties soon fades when she realises Lauren is simply too lazy to do the work herself. She complains and is shocked when Lauren threatens to go to Julia to get her sacked.

Also, Rob tries to help a young father-to-be who is struggling to stand up for himself.