Daniel wakes up to find a group of press screaming questions at him through the window. After making Jimmi promise to give him any information he gets from the station, he goes out the back and meets Zara.

Daniel decides to do some investigating so he and Zara head to the carousel to snoop around. They spot a homeless man holding the same toy Izzie had when she went missing. Daniel grabs the man by the throat until Zara drags him off. The homeless man, Kev, reveals he saw Izzie go off with a woman but refuses to tell them anymore until they get him some methadone.

Daniel gets a call from DI Driver who says Lisa was planning on taking Izzie back to Argentina. After convincing Lisa to give him an interview, Adam speaks to a worker at Izzie’s nursery pushing her to say that Daniel knew of Lisa’s plan. Driver warns Daniel he is now a suspect.

Back at Mid TV, Adam is ready to go on air with his theory that Daniel has stolen Izzie, when Rochelle stops him. She’s furious that Adam bribed Sonia and wants him off her team.

Meanwhile at the Oakley’s, Christopher is reeling after discovering ‘Daisy’ is in fact Izzie. He asks his parents if he is adopted which they answer no, but his search for any baby photographs proves otherwise.

He decides to betray his parents and packs up a bag and Izzie and goes to leave. Alec catches him and reluctantly locks him in his room, leaving Christopher screaming to be let out.

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