Daniel has a day off and tells Zara about his plan to take Joe out to a new play area while she works. Zara insists Joe is fine with the nanny and won’t enjoy a new place which threatens to be overwhelming and noisy, but Daniel gives the nanny the rest of the day off, which she takes – albeit reluctantly. And Daniel soon finds out why… Zara admits she gave the nanny strict instructions not to give Joe to Daniel, who’s furious about being so untrusted. They can’t go on this way any longer. Zara agrees; clearly the only answer lies in her resigning, and moving back to Bristol…

Emma’s working a shift as a police surgeon and, from the minute she enters the police station, she senses the bleak mood in the midst of the O’Neil/Dave rape case. Rob knows many of the younger officers think Dave’s being mistreated, so Emma urges them to think positively and to rally around Dave in his hour of need. But young cell sergeant, Phil, is particularly outspoken and negative. He recounts all the case against O’Neil, about how her prior relationship with Dave and flirtatious behaviour surely means that there was no way rape occurred.

This is chilling for Emma – it’s almost exactly the same argument she parroted to Jimmi yesterday but in the mouth of another she sees how narrow-minded it is, and tries to make Phil see that, for all of O’Neil’s flaws, she could be the victim here. Later, Emma corners Phil to re-emphasise that, if he wants to be a good police officer, he must learn to remain distant from cases and assess them on the evidence. Emma has redeemed herself, but now she doesn’t know whether she’s right or wrong to stand by Dave in this case.

Also, Howard finds himself caught between a bareknuckle fighter and an old colleague from the Army when he accidentally exposes the fighter as a deserter.