Daniel cheers up his family

Daniel, Zara and Joe have fun and games in the hotel

Daniel decides it’s time to cheer Zara and Joe up while they are staying at the hotel. Daniel pretends to be a police officer guarding them against an evil pirate gang. Daniel organises a treasure hunt in the hotel much to Joe’s delight and the whole family end up watching a pirate movie in bed with popcorn! Are things for Zara and Daniel back on track?

Meanwhile, Al is spending some quality time at home with his mother, when she forgets where she put her shopping list. Still worried about his mother’s memory, Al asks Heston to examine his mum, but he refuses. Al asks both Emma and Sid and they both refuse as they know Al would be a nightmare to deal with! Al goes back to Heston and pours out his heart. Heston relents and agrees to examine Eve. When Heston and Eve are alone, she makes a shocking confession…