Daniel and Chesney come to blows!

Chesney goes in all guns blazing when he confronts Daniel in Corrie, but two can play at that game...

Chesney is devastated to find out about Daniel and Sinead and seeks his revenge, but he hasn’t bargained for Daniel’s darker side! Meanwhile, Fiz is not impressed with how Sinead has treated Chesney.

Adam and Tracy are horrified to find Luke trapped under a car. When Kevin admits he wasn’t using the safety stand and Luke’s accident is entirely his fault, Tracy promises him he hasn’t heard the last of this. Chancer Adam tells Rosie he will talk Luke out of suing Kevin if she will go on a date with him.

What is Shona’s connection to Kylie?

Bethany’s thrilled to see the number of online likes for her latest video, unaware that Nathan ordered his assistant Mel to bolster the numbers.