Daniel confronts Chesney

Chesney’s bravado falters when Daniel hits him with a shocking revelation in Corrie

When Rita reveals that Chesney is selling Sinead’s belongings in the kebab shop, Daniel sees red, and makes a grab for Sinead’s things. Chesney shoves him but as Daniel snaps Chesney is hit with more than he bargained for. As Daniel later consoles Sinead she’s stunned when he presents her with a necklace, explaining it belonged to his mother.

Sally approaches the foreman of the building site and makes a complaint about Zack’s sexist behaviour. When the foreman fails to take her seriously, Sally’s fuming and clutching a megaphone she launches a one-woman protest. As Tim begs her to leave well alone, will Sally agree?

Finding Shona run off her feet, Gail insists on helping out. Mel warns Bethany that the last thing Nathan would want is for her to get pregnant and she should consider having a contraceptive implant.