Daniel deals with the effects of his joke

Cherry continues to steer clear of Daniel and Jimmi. Daniel confides in Zara that Cherry didn’t sleep with him after all – it was a joke to make her think she had – and also that he now has to make it up to Jimmi so he won’t get thrown out. Zara realises why Jimmi is so upset, but refuses to give Daniel a hint…

Cherry, none the wiser, reveals to Simon that she fears she has ruined her chances with Jimmi. Daniel pleads with Jimmi not to throw him out of the house to which he responds with an angry outburst about Daniel’s womanising. The penny drops that Jimmi is jealous of the thought that Daniel and Cherry slept together. Daniel spills the truth and then tells Jimmi that she must fancy him or she wouldn’t be avoiding him!

Meanwhile, at Housman, Chris refuses to open up to Anna about his progress, but he does tell her what happened to Jess. Michelle overhears, and on realising that he is telling a different story to what he had told her, she tells Anna, who dismisses the difference as stress.

Also, Matt is a hero after rescuing a colleague, but his head injury is serious. Will his wife Lucy be able to look after him?

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