Daniel faces a dilemma…

Daniel has a big decision to make about a patient he barely knows

Daniel can’t stop thinking about how hard things must be for Joni and decides to pay a visit to Joni’s psychotherapist Mark to gain a deeper understanding of Joni’s condition. Mark says after spending time with Joni that her decision to live as a girl is the right decision for her.

Later, Daniel decides to have a discussion with Heston as Joni was his former patient. However, Daniel criticises Heston and his decision to not stand by Joni medically. Heston is quick to retort and says that, before he gets on his high horse, Daniel should speak to Joni’s dad and actually get a full picture.

Also, a women called Aafiya wearing a hijab checks into Emma’s B&B. Later, Emma becomes increasingly annoyed as the woman continues to play Bollywood music extremely loud. Emma goes upstairs to confront Aafiya but finds her vomiting. What’s Emma’s guest hiding?