Daniel feels worthless!

Over breakfast, Daniel eats glumly while Zara prepares for the day ahead. She asks him to change Joe but when he doesn’t do it straightaway, Zara angrily does it herself. At The Mill, Howard calls a partners’ meeting and informs them that they need to appoint a new part-time doctor.

Back at home, an exhausted and irate Zara calls Daniel to ask him when he’ll be home as they need nappies. He sits forlorn in the Icon, ignoring her call. By the time he gets home, Zara’s spoiling for a fight and when he tells her that Joe only ever wants his mum so what’s the point of him, Zara agrees. She later apologises but Daniel is numb.

Meanwhile, Karen’s excited about Jack receiving his exam results but Jack’s lost his phone and will receive the results by text. Rob suggests he might have subconsciously lost it deliberately and Jack finally admits that he’s nervous about his results. Will his phone be found? And will his results be cause for celebration?

Also, Kevin confronts his feelings of grief and survivor guilt when he receives an unexpected gift on his drive.