Daniel finally gets caught out

Daniel shouts goodbye to Lisa as he leaves with Izzie. Lisa doesn’t hear and gets annoyed but a phone call with good news changes her mood.

At lunch, Zara and Daniel seize the opportunity to sneak off together, noticed by Julia and, to Julia’s surprise, Karen. But things get awkward when Lisa pops into The Mill asking for Daniel.

Lisa heads to Zara’s to find Daniel. Zara tries to lie, but Lisa isn’t stupid, Daniel finally appears, half-dressed. He denies he’s having an affair and says he loves her, but Lisa says she’s known for ages and says they can no longer be together for Izzie’s sake.

Lisa says she can see that Daniel adores someone else before dropping the bombshell that she’s got a new job and is moving to Nottingham. Daniel is stunned, when will he see Izzie?! Lisa insists they’ll sort something out and leaves. Daniel is crushed.

Meanwhile, Karen and Cherry are eager to hear how Simon’s exams went but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Finally, he admits he passed with flying colours. While Karen and Cherry try to help him celebrate he’s clearly struggling to be happy with the news.

Elsewhere, Heston finds himself embroiled in the affairs of his neighbour when a mystery insect is found.

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