Daniel gets a divorce

Although he admits that he will always love Samantha, Dan tells Libby he cannot go back and wants a divorce so he can be with her. Frustrated that she cannot turn off her feelings for Daniel, Libby tells him how she feels and he agrees to back off. Later, Daniel is relieved and pleased when Sam agrees to a divorce but isn’t happy to learn that she’s accepted a job working for Rebecchi-Cammeniti, so will be staying around for a while.

Toadie and Steph attempt to find a way to live on the same street, but Charlie ends up suffering as a result. When Charlie disappears, Steph discovers that he went searching for Toadie. Steph vows that no matter what happens between them, she will never deny Toadie a relationship with Charlie. Toadie’s grateful but breaks the news that he’s leaving Erinsborough for a while.

Paul buys Kirsten a designer necklace, but his gift is spotted by a suspicious Elle. Paul claims his gift is for Rebecca but Elle isn’t buying it and she has an explosive confrontation with Kirsten.

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