Daniel gets a gift from beyond the grave

Despite not knowing her that well, Daniel attends Cybil Lambert’s funeral, much to the annoyance of her son Malcolm. After the service, Malcolm tells Daniel that Cybil’s lawyer, Jeremy Travelian, has requested that he stay for the will reading. Malcolm is relieved that the family home has been left to him but he’s gobsmacked to learn that all of Cybil’s life-savings – more than £50,000 – has been left to a speechless Daniel.

Malcolm asserts that Cybil was not of sound mind when she made this final will, a claim that Jeremy dismisses, and says he’ll fight the will. And when Malcolm makes some dark comments about how Cybil died after coming under Daniel’s care, Daniel is forced to defend himself. Later, the enormity of Daniel’s good fortune starts to sink in.

Zara manages to antagonise Michelle by telling her to clean up after some students and, when they argue over hangover cures, Zara suggests that put their remedies to the test after some flaming sambucas in the Icon bar. When Zara enquires about Daniel, Michelle says he’s the love ’em and leave ’em type, Zara says that’s perfect!

Also, Jimmi helps a troubled family to start communicating.

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