Daniel gets a shocking blast from the past!

Daniel reels when he recognises a face from his past and takes desperate steps to silence the person who could bring his whole world crashing down.

Tommy’s dead body is fished from the local canal – he was an undercover journalist trying to get stories about the homeless. Elsewhere, Shaz lies to Dave that she’s been in the hospital and was discharged this morning. However, when she doubles up in pain and throws up, she heads back to hospital. At the police station, Jimmi gets a huge shock when watching the CCTV footage that has captured Tommy’s last moments. He recognises Cam on the CCTV but says nothing.

Al’s adventure turns into a nightmare when he ends up losing his shoes and his money. He calls an unlikely ally to come and ‘rescue’ him but his day is about to get a whole lot worse when his bags are stolen and he has to bed down in a muddy field for the night.