Chesney tells Sinead that he’s taking her for a romantic dinner at the bistro. Once there, Chesney slips the engagement ring into Sinead’s glass of Champagne. She’s shocked whilst Daniel watches, absolutely gutted.

Imran arrives at No.6 and announces to Zeedan and Rana that his marriage is on the rocks. It seems the arrival of her brother has caused Rana to think twice about her relationship with Kate. Later, Zeedan worries that they shouldn’t have given the police a fake alibi as he was perfectly innocent but now he’s guilty of perjury.

After Anna collapses and is taken to hospital, Kevin visits her and breaks the news that it’s over between them as he needs to put Jack first. She’s devastated but as she prepares to return to prison she spots an overcoat thrown over the back of a chair. Grabbing it, she puts it on and furtively heads towards an open door.

The insurance company agrees to process Robert’s claim.