Daniel has a day to forget

When Joe’s precious toy bunny goes missing, Howard confesses he might have taken it to a charity shop as lost property. Daniel tracks down the woman that has bought it and she agrees to give it back – but only if Daniel treats her pet dog. Daniel reluctantly agrees but afterwards Zara calls telling him it’s all a false alarm – Joe is attached to a new toy now.

A criminal, Axel, is stuck by a blinding pain and collapses. The doctors tell him he has a growth pressing behind his eyes and they’ll need to do further tests to find out if its benign. Franc arrives and Axel confides that the whole experience has changed his personality – he’s thinking of giving up crime.

Al comes into the surgery, full of beans and Jimmi discovers that Al’s read a book which has influenced him – it’s a book about Dolly Parton. Seeing as his friend is in a good mood, Jimmi decides to risk telling him that he saw Franc kiss Niamh. Al tries to act unconcerned but he later tells Howard he’ll spy on Franc.