The university is refusing to help the practice with their insurance claim and the news leaves Daniel furious. However, after calming down, Daniel comes up with a plan to charm the Vice Chancellor, as she plays golf at the same course as him with a professional golfer called Darren. Will Daniel’s charm skills help or hinder the The Mill’s chances of winning their insurance claim?

Daniel’s plan to charm the Vice Chancellor looks even more promising when Ayesha reveals that she grew up with the golf teacher Darren, so Daniel suggests that Ayesha joins him on the golf course. Will it be a decision he soon regrets?

Later, Ayesha and Valerie are still very tired, as Valerie made noise all through the night checking the fire alarms. Valerie’s tiredness begins to take its toll when she falls asleep on Sid! And then she falls asleep while in conversation with Mrs Tembe!