Daniel has Botox!

Daniel’s anxious about his appointment to have Botox and confides in Julia, who agrees to accompany him. After having the treatment, Daniel reveals he wants to set up a Botox clinic at the Mill, saying the practice would benefit, and Julia agrees to consider his business proposal.

Christine brings Steven to The Mill, forcing Heston to spend time with him. Heston admires Steven’s maturity in the face of what he has to deal with and, as they bond, Heston is painfully reminded of what he lost.

Jimmi teases Cherry over what to buy Scott for a house-warming present. Scott loves Cherry’s gift of wine charms and, deciding that they are just a fab as she is, asks her to move in with him. Has Cherry found Mr Right?

Simon deals with Dustin, a teen with glandular fever, who admits to having a crush on his male nanny, Aleksy. When Aleksy rejects Dustin’s advances, Simon tells Dustin he should find someone else. And it seems that Dustin couldn’t agree more…