Daniel helps a jilted bride

It’s Phil and Eleanor’s wedding day but the groom’s mother, Tricia, has locked Phil in his room in a desperate bid to stop him from getting married. Meanwhile, Eleanor wakes up feeling ill and visits the surgery, but Daniel reassures her it’s only morning sickness. She’s just leaving when she receives a text from Tricia pretending to be Phil, jilting her. Daniel comforts her but soon realises there is more to this than meets the eye and talks to Tricia, making her realise she needs to let her son go.

Barry speaks to Mrs Tembe about the date he has with Matilda that night. He’s excited, but Mrs Tembe doesn’t give him much advice. He tries his luck with Howard instead, explaining that Matilda referred to him as ‘Sir Edmund’, a medieval mercenary. At Matilda’s house later, Barry quickly becomes tired of Matilda’s relentless medieval role play. He earnestly asks her to accept him as plain old Barry, Third Head in charge of Security at Letherbridge University Campus. Unfortunately, Matilda throws him out.

Also, Jimmi spots Zara talking and flirting with a young man in a deli, but keeps his suspicions to himself for the moment.