Irene is preparing to move to Australia with her son, Vince, whose wife and child are already out there. Vince panics when he realises the bathroom has been cleared out, along with his pills. Irene tells him there’s no time to get a subscription before their flight but an anxious Vince makes an appointment at The Mill.

Later, Irene tells Daniel that Vince is taking anti-depressants because he has always been fighting his feelings for men and, when she found him with his ex-boyfriend, she forced him to return back home. Daniel persuades Vince to consider what he wants for once as Irene rushes in, insisting they need to leave urgently to make the flight. 

Vince says he doesn’t want to be near her, and that he’s going to tell his wife everything. Irene is irate, suggesting he’s about to ruin everything but Vince doesn’t care what she thinks – he’s finally free!