Reformed alcoholic Steve tells Daniel that he killed a woman’s son, Graham, in a drunk driving accident and she has kidnapped his daughter. Meanwhile, the woman, Charlotte, nastily tells Lily that her father is a murderer. Steve finds them and apologises for running over Graham and, as Charlotte watches on sadly, Lily and Steve embrace.

Meanwhile, Howard tells Emma that he’s created a special post for her, but she demands to see the notes of her interview, gutted she didn’t make partner. Later, Howard tells Jimmi that he has the partnership when Emma sweeps by – she’s on the phone to her lawyer.

Ayesha gets a call from Sierra’s nursery – she needs collecting. Back at the house, Ayesha is furious to find Bren asleep on the sofa with the phone unplugged. Niamh lends a sympathetic ear and later Ayesha is relieved to discover Bren is back in control.