Daniel helps a single mother

Heston bumps into an old colleague, Cath, as he prepares to speak out against a new housing development. Meanwhile, Daniel is treating Kerri, who is coping alone with her young son, Kyle, in damp, cramped conditions. Daniel advises Kerri to move in with her mother in law. Meanwhile, he speaks to the council and assures them he’ll do a medical report, which might help move her up the housing list.

Heston is delighted when a journalist posts a photo of Daniel helping Kerri – it’s great publicity for The Mill. But later, he meets Cath for a drink and she lets slips that there’s a business involved in the housing development. It’s a state-of-the-art super clinic, run by none other than The Mill’s arch-enemy, Gary Lucas. 

Emma fears Franc’s gone off her but her mood picks up when Franc gives her with a beautiful necklace and asks her to dinner. Emma tells Niamh that she took her advice and didn’t agree straight away. Niamh admits that she fears Franc isn’t genuine but Emma thinks Niamh’s jealous and accepts Franc’s dinner invitation.