Meredith Stuart and boyfriend Joel Mason start to get frisky, but when things start to go too far Meredith makes her excuses. A frustrated Joel warns Meredith that it’s over if she won’t sleep with him. Meredith reassures Joel; she has an appointment to get the pill.

At her consultation with Daniel, she admits that she is a stripper and also a virgin; she only strips to pay her way through her degree. A shocked Daniel advises her to be truthful, but at lunch he learns that the young man bragging about his ‘dirty’ girlfriend to his mates is in fact Joel. Meredith and Joel eventually admit their true feelings for each other and Joel shockingy admits to also being a virgin!

Meanwhile, after Barrington Foley cancels yet another appointment, Heston pays him a home visit and catches Foley ushering a lady out of his flat! After Heston warns him to be careful and be checked out at the surgery, Foley says what a great time he’s having.

When Foley misses another appointment and Heston goes to confront him, he discovers that Foley has been lying. Foley reveals to Heston his fear of dying alone, explaining his attention seeking behaviour, and eventually admits that he may be depressed.

Back at the Mill, Heston worries that he and Foley are alike, but Karen is on hand to reassure him that he is nothing like Foley.

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